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At Malt Realty and Development, we listen to our customers needs, big or small, renter or owner, you come FIRST! Malt Development is one of Southwest Florida’s only full-service real estate businesses serving Fort Myers rental property management and home sale needs in Fort Myers. As a full-service Fort Myers real estate firm, Malt Realty offers:

  • Property Rentals
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Annual, Seasonal, Vacation & Commercial Properties
  • Construction/Renovation

Here are some more testimonials from our valued clients.  Please visit our website for more information.

“I don’t often write reviews but here is one instance I feel it is justified.  About four years ago I had to park some funds somewhere and I chose Fort Myers, FL.  I met with Kelly from Malt Realty and we developed a plan for the purchase and leasing of several properties.  I have never have to worry about owning property far from home with the team at Malt watching out for me.  They have taken care of everything from the purchase, complete rehabilitation of the properties, advertising, leasing one on a weekly/monthly basis and the others with annual leases.  The experience has contained reasonable expenses, pleasing profits and effortless investment.  Everyone there has been a pleasure to work with from sales, leasing and maintenance. “If anyone has ever thought ‘What do I do with this money, I don’t want it in the stock market or in a bank doing nothing’….then give Malt Realty a call.  I guarantee you’ll be surprised by the expertise and ease with which your transactions will flow.  If anyone from Malt Realty sees this, thank you for making our life easier and more profitable.”

T.A. / Owner

“As usual Malt Realty has gone above and beyond with their efforts….please send me the top guy’s name and email so I can send him a note.  I really appreciate working with Malt Realty….so much professionalism.  I would not hesitate to recommend Malt to anyone who asks me.”   ~ B.A.I / Owner

“We are getting ready to return to Buffalo in a few weeks.  Thank you for taking care of our investment.  You are the best and we always feel good when we leave knowing that we can trust Malt Realty to do the best for us.  Our kids feel the same about you managing their investments too.” ~ W.K. / Owner


With over 40 years of successful property management and rentals, our highly motivated Managers and Agents work diligently every day to achieve your goal! Our staff is qualified to communicate the attributes of your property to prospective renters due to our up to date knowledge of the local market place.

Malt Realty and Development

#1 in Rentals, Property Management, Sales, Home Inspections, Renovations, Construction & Development.

TEL (239) 936-1320        EMAIL

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