Why Malt Realty and Development Is the Right Choice For You! Part 2

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Now that you have done some of your research, here are a few more suggestions to make sure you are choosing the right property management company.  We at Malt Realty and Development value our clients and residents in our growing southwest Florida and cordially invite you to become part of the family.

Check Their License and Certification

  • contractMost states require that a property manager/management company have a real estate broker’s license or a property management license in order to show vacant apartments. Here is the Florida state’s Real Estate Commission link to search for our active license.
  • Of course, you should also trust your instincts. Just because a property manager has paid money to take a class doesn’t mean they are putting into practice what they were taught. A property manager who doesn’t have the money for expensive certification classes may have more passion for managing your property. Therefore, you will need to look at the whole picture before selecting a property manager. With an open door policy, we invite you to fully investigate our credentials and be at ease in making your decision. Our passion is you and managing your property to the fullest extent possible.

Examine Their Management Agreement


  • The management agreement should clearly define the responsibilities of the property manager and that of the property owner. Click on the links to download our free Multi-Family Home Brochure or our free Owner Handbook.
  • Are the same terms you discussed during the interview included in the contract? Pay close attention to the sections on services provided, extra fees charged, responsibilities of the owner, compliance with fair housing laws, hold harmless clause and reasons for cancellation.

At Malt Realty and Development we welcome you to give us a call at (239) 936-1320, email us info@maltrealty.com or visit us in person at 1614 Colonial Boulevard, Ste. 102 in Fort Myers, Florida.  We look forward to you joining our family.

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